About us

MARIS is a Croatian company founded in 2016. from a group of people who have been engaged in nautical tourism since the early 2000s.

Our team is a combination of youth and experience, it consists of people with experience from all sectors of nautical tourism. From booking boats and organizing trips to life at sea and navigation to technical maintenance and support.

We are located in Split, Croatia and are primarily oriented towards nautical tourism in Croatia, but we also have a large network of partners all over the world.


Croatia itself is a huge and inexhaustible area of nautical tourism.

It is currently home to the largest fleet of boats and yachts for rent in the world, which makes it the flagship of world nautical tourism.


Very well protected, without too many dangerous cliffs, without big tidal differences, without dangerous fish species, which makes it relatively easy to navigate and rest at sea.

Adriatic sea

Croatia owes a lot to its long and indented coastline as well as the natural position of the Adriatic Sea, which is an inland sea of great transparency and purity.


This feature is recognized in most world markets and it is not surprising that many advertise it with the words “DISNEYLAND FOR SAILING”, alluding to its protection, safety, natural beauty and simplicity.

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